For use with DuScriptUI.
A "Browse" button for files only, with an optional text field for the path.
This is not a real class, and cannot be instanciated.
Use DuScriptUI.fileSelector to create a selector.
The DuFileSelector inherits the Group object from ScriptUI and has all of its properties and methods.

# new DuFileSelector()

Name Type Description
path string The file path, initialized with an empty string. Note that this may not point to an existing folder if the user entered an incorrect path in the text field.
To be sure to get an existing file, you can use the getFile() method.
editText DuEditText | null The text field, if any.
button DuButton The "Browse" button.
onChange DuFileSelector~onChange A function called when the file has changed.

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# static getFile() → {File|null}

Gets the selected file.

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The new File, if any. null if the File does not exist or the user has input an incorrect path.
File | null

Type Definitions

# onChange()

Called when the file has changed.

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